Starting a blog is harder than starting a kids board game!

As a parent, it's always been my goal to show my children the value of creativity and collaboration. So when my daughters came up with the idea for a board game, I knew it was the perfect opportunity to instill those values in them. Little did I know, that starting a family-run business around a kids board game would require just as much patience and persistence.

Our game, Rainbow Unicorn Rescue, is a whimsical adventure that takes players on a journey to save the Unicorns from the evil Dr. No Fun. The game is simple enough for young kids to understand and enjoy, but dynamic enough for older siblings and parents to enjoy playing too. But, as any entrepreneur will tell you, creating a product is just the first step.

The truth is, there are so many challenges that it's nearly impossible to list them all. Whether it finding a trustworthy manufacturing partner, learning the nuances of international shipping, or figuring out how to sell your products once you get them through customs – there is no shortage of new skills to learn.

If you're looking for more obstacles in your life, well then, entrepreneurship just might be for you!

And while it sounds like a lot of work, the truth is, I wouldn't trade it for the world. I love the challenges, and while I'm at no risk of becoming a fashion icon, I gotta say – I like wearing all the different hats. From marketer to designer to logistics coordinator and lead sales person, I've found that the most important tool to have at your disposal is healthy curiosity. And patience. Lots and lots of patience.

However, no matter how much work goes into starting a toy business, creating this here blog has been the thing that's been hanging over my head the longest. As a copywriter and content writer, you'd think writing a blog post would be a piece of cake. But when it came to writing about our own product, I found myself struggling with indecision. Not a trait I'm familiar with. 

The indecision, according to my best calculations, is a byproduct of not really know what the heck to write about when there is just so much stuff to write about.

What do you write about when there's just so much to write about?

But as I try to tell myself, something is better than nothing. Plus the bar is pretty low, so just do it already!

So here we are, me at the kitchen island banging away on my worn out keyboard, typing out this very first blog post of ours. Hooray!

The goal of our blog is to not just drive our organic SEO (what a cynic), but to share stories along our journey; from random tidbits and company news, to new product launches and exciting achievements. 

And with that, I'll release you of your duty to continue reading while I go scratch "write blog" off the to-do list. (Side Note: It's been on the list so long, it's pretty much faded off anyway).

Until the next blog...toodles.