A Company Started By Two Sisters

Dizzy Hill started with just one game, "Rainbow Unicorn Rescue". Created by two sister with just some scratch paper, markers and a whole lot of tape. Little did we know that their creation would eventually become the business we are today.

A Board Game For Kids, By Kids

After coming home from another typical day at work, my daughters asked me (dad) to come play a game they created that day. They were so excited that  I couldn't refuse, so I sat down to play.

From the start, it was clear that this game was special. Not only did the game play make sense, but it was really fun.

We played the game almost everyday for weeks, until the game board was so ripped upped that we could no longer play. However, none of us were ready to be done, so I proposed an  idea.

With some of the skills I've obtained over the course of my career, I asked if they wanted to turn it into a real board game. With them instantly onboard, I went about trying to figure out how to create a board game. 

At this point, there was no thought of turning this into anything bigger than a one-off keepsake for our family. There were no grand plans. I just figured it would be a cool project we could all do together.

Original Rainbow Unicorn Rescue Game Design

The Game That Was Never Meant To Be

After a couple months, we finally had a real life version of Rainbow Unicorn Rescue. And thankfully, this version was even more fun than the original. No matter how many times we played, we never got board.

But about 2 months in with this new version, our youngest daughter wanted to her pre-school class for show and tell. It didn't dawn on me then, but this was a pivotal moment that changed the course we're on now.

Luckily the game was a hit! The teacher said that the kids were lining up to play, and and soon parents were asking how they could get a copy. This obviously got our wheels spinning, and you can guess what happened next...

A global pandemic! 

How Our Game Became a Business

About 2 months after our daughter brought Rainbow Unicorn Rescue to show and tell, the world shut down.

While there was a lot going on for everyone around the world, this gave us some time to really think about what to do next. We settled on a "Life is too short" approach, and decided to manufacture and sell Rainbow Unicorn Rescue. 

While life as an independent single game maker isn't easy, we were lucky enough to receive a lot of positive feedback that let us know other families enjoyed the game just as much as we did. 

.At this point, it felt like we were on to something special, and our business was born.

Original Rainbow Unicorn Rescue Game Design