At Raincorn Games, our mission is simple:

To help developing minds build self esteem and confidence through creativity and imagination.

Why is this our mission?

Because we believe we can help build mental, emotional and social intelligence by inspiring children to tap into their curiosity, imagination and creative thinking.

We believe that curiosity, imagination and creativity are foundational elements in building the necessary skills young children need to grow into happy, healthy and empathetic leaders of tomorrow.

We believe barriers and obstacles can be overcome with curiosity, imaginative thinking and creativity.

We believe these core elements are essential to building confidence and self-esteem in developing minds, and by helping them dream big; we can help unlock their full potential as they grow.

We believe this because it is at the heart of our company’s founding.



We’ve written plenty about how we started our company. But it’s important to tie our founding back to our mission; because they go hand in hand.

After our two daughters created Rainbow Unicorn Rescue out of some scratch paper, markers and tape - we played it until it ripped apart. The game wasn’t just fun; it was a refreshing twist on the other kids games we had been played over and over and over again.

With a design background, I saw a special opportunity had presented itself. To bring my daughters into the creative process, and work together to turn their scratch paper game into a real life board game.

My goal from the start was to create just one game; as a keepsake for all their hard work and creativity.

Having worked in creative fields for most of my career, I knew the power of the creative process – when done right. There are so many great tools one can obtain from being involved in a collaborative and healthy environment. One of the most important being self-esteem and confidence. There is nothing more powerful than hearing your idea was a good one. It encourages you to keep pushing yourself, and empowers everyone to take pride in what they do.

Knowing this, I figured it would be a great way to connect with my daughters, and build key foundational skills that could serve them the rest of their lives.

And guess what?

It worked. They took to the project in ways I could never imagine. Soon they were coming up with brand extensions and new ways of sharing Rainbow Unicorn with others. It was magical.

Now that our business is live, and we continue to grow; they are key founding members who include on all major decisions on design, colors and new ideas. Because of them; we used our Covid time to create two other products; Rainbow Unicorn Adventure Time children’s book and Rainbow Unicorn Match Game (not for sale yet).

Seeing their growth & transformation made us realize that if we can build up confidence and self-esteem in our two girls with creativity and imagination, then we can do that with children all over the world.

While we sell products now; our goal is much bigger. We want to let children know that no matter what is going on in their lives; they have the power to do whatever they want to do - with just a little curiosity, creativity and imagination.