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The role of unicorns through out time have been to spark joy and creativity in kids all over the world. However, there is one person who thinks that is a downright, no good, horrible shame. 

He goes by the name Dr. No Fun. 

And as his name indicates, he is no fun. And because of that, he doesn't want anyone else to have any fun. Ever. Especially children.

To ensure he gets just what he wants, he does everything in his evil power to capture the unicorns and preventing children everywhere from having the fun and joy in their life. 

Luckily for the unicorns, there is a team of creatures and critters from the Unicorn Forest do everything they can to thwart Dr. No Fun's evil plans, and protect the unicorns in order to keep them running free, and continuing to spread joy to children everywhere.  

how can you rescue unicorns?

There are currently two ways to help keep the Unicorns, and their forest friends, safe from Dr. No Fun. 

In our original board game, players can play head to head, or team up to beat Dr. No Fun to the finish. Get to the end, and rescue the Unicorns from Dr. No Fun, and help save the day!

In our Match Game, the critters from the Unicorn Forest have been seperated, and players work to find their matches and reunite them, so they can continue to protect the unicorns from Dr. No Fun. But watch out! Because there is 1 hidden Dr. No Fun card in the mix. If you find it, you lose the rest of your turn.

how we got started

Our family business all started out by pure happenstance when our two daughters created the original "Rainbow Unicorn Rescue" out of some markers, scratch paper and tape.

After they convince me (dad) to play, I was instantly blown away!

Not only did the game make sense, it was more fun than most of the games in our collection.

So we played. And we played. And we played...until their original  scratch paper masterpiece ripped apart and was no longer playable.

At that point, I asked them if they wanted to turn it into a real board game. With an instant "yes!", off I went, trying to figure out how to do that.

With the goal of creating a one-off family keepsake, we never intended to turn their game into a business. But after taking it to preschool for show and tell, it kinda took on a life of it's own. 

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And Now For Some Videos

How To Play Videos

Learn how to play both the original rules and the cooperative rules for "Rainbow Unicorn Rescue" Board Game.

See how our wild cards and adapative rules make "Rainbow Unicorn Match Game" a match game like no other.

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