Shipping Policy


At Raincorn Games, our goal is to get your Rainbow Unicorn products out to you as quickly as possible. Unless otherwise noted, we will package and ship out products within 24 hours; Mon-Sat.

All products sold through our online store will receive shipping options at checkout. All products shipped through UPS or USPS.

We offer free shipping on all sales over $49 USD.

For our “Premium Bundle”, we offer Premium Shipping - which acts as a $5.50 discount to offset the price of shipping; applied at check out. That means the MSRP of $37.50 will be reduced to $32.50 at checkout. Buyer will then be responsible for the full price of shipping.

For purchases made through Google Shopping; the price for our Premium Bundle has already been adjusted to $32.50; since the option for discounted shipping on one product was not available.

If you have any questions, please reach out and contact us