The Legend of the Rainbow Unicorns

And how Our Small Business Was Born


Dr. No Fun has captured all the Unicorns because they spark creativity and imagination in kids everywhere.

Since poor ol' Dr. No Fun has no imagination or creativity, he doesn't think anyone else should either. That's why he's made it his life's mission to capture all the Unicorns, so people can be unhappy, just like him.

But fear not, the Unicorns have a whole universe of friends willing to keep them safe, and always one step ahead of the not so nice Dr. No Fun.


Dr. No Fun is a board certified evil genius. And while it's said he has an old sock in place of where his heart should be, the truth is the story of Dr. No Fun isn't a very good one.

Poor Dr. No Fun grew up in a great big castle; all by himself. Turns out growing up in a big, scary castle was extremely lonely. And while it is true that Dr. No Fun is an extremely smart evil genius - he never developed the ability to use his imagination.

So when he would see other kids using their imaginations to have fun; he felt even more lonely and sad. That's when he decided that if he couldn't develop a sense of imagination; then know one else could either.

It was at that point he made it his life's mission to make everyone as miserable as him. That's when he hatched his evil plan to capture all the Rainbow Unicorns and rid the world of pointless imagination.

About our Games

"Rainbow Unicorn Rescue" is our original game, and was created by two sisters with just some scratch paper, markers and a whole lot of tape.

They did everything; from designing the game, to creating the backstory and rules. Once they were done, they taped it to the back of an old box, and off they went.

Once they asked me (their dad) to play, it was clear; The game was better than the other board games in our collection. Not only that, but the story and rules made total sense!

Once the game ripped apart, we didn't want to stop playing. That's when we had the idea; Let's make a real life version so we can play whenever we want.

Games For Kids, By Kids.

Once we started the process of bringing "Rainbow Unicorn Rescue" to life, the girls' brains started going into overdrive. Soon they had plans for Rainbow Unicorn themed book bags, bed sheets and my favorite, a Rainbow Unicorn Ice Cream Truck. 

It was with that mentality that our youngest daughter came up with a brilliant idea; to make a memory game to help Grandma.

See, during the process of bringing "Rainbow Unicorn Rescue" to life, their grandma suffered a severe brain injury. And while Grandma proved to be an inspiration throughout the process, it was definitely a scary and unsettling time for all of us.

So once I dried my eyes after her sweet suggestion, it was a no brainer. Of course we'd create a memory game for Grandma, and anyone else who could benefit from such a game. 

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